My name is Sandra Heikamp and I am a one (wo)man business on beautiful Russell Island in the Redlands, east of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

My approach is personal and I believe that every client and job deserve to be looked at individually. So no ‘cookie cutter’ approach and no templates or stock designs, but I create a look and feel that is tailor made for you and suits your individual preferences and target group!

Everything is hand made with love and take pride in creating high quality professional designs that stand out! I have many years of experience in designing for large and small businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

"Working with Sandra is so effortless - she quickly grasps concepts and deliver results with very little revision required - and all within the committed deadlines. I can’t say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of her work. Thank you Sandra!"

Uma Sumbramanian - International Academy of Pathology

"Looks Bloody Awesome, as always!!"

Ian Curry - ExpoScan

"From the moment I met with Sandra to the completion of the job I was impressed by her professionalism. Her skill at putting my needs into a framework that looks and feels just how I want it to is exceptional. It has really provided a solid branding base for the Festival to continue on with. We hope to do work with her again in the future and urge others to use her talents."

Cheryl Rapira - Advance Northland Tourism Trust

"Absolutely delighted with my website. Eyecatching, straightforward design, which perfectly communicates the feeling of our Gallery. Received high praise from a friend who evaluates websites as part of her job."

Lyn Winters - Fibres Gallery

"I think you are very talented and I’m sure I’ve finally found the missing link in our creative team!"

Nikki Berry - The Muse

"You have done an amazing job. Thank you so much. You are a very talented lady!"

Rosie O’Toole - Manly West State School

"We have worked closely with Sandra in creating websites, product launch materials, branding and merchandise for our clients and are exceptionally impressed with the final product. Each product is unique and there are no similarities. Sandra’s ability to create exactly what we require on most occasions exceeds our expectations. Her service is comprehensive in that she keeps you up to-date in each process from inception to delivery.
There have been a couple of occasions we’ve needed a three day turn around and in each case Sandra has delivered on time. We are very fortunate to have such an experienced and creative designer working with us."

Pania Sigley - Sparkle Events

"Sandra is very intuitive when it comes to meeting the needs of her client. She listens carefully and patiently to interpret and develop the starting place ideas whilst adding her own creative flair to the design process. She has a clear thinking ability and communicates exceptionally well. We worked together across a period of 3 months to create the face of my business which is web focussed. Together we created a website, business card,advert for publications and a display flyer. The final products all have the ‘Wow factor’ I was seeking and represent me and my business with truth and integrity. As a professional she attended to my exacting customer requirements with patience and without judgement. Sandra is one of the most easy going and competent professionals I have ever had the good fortune to work with. I highly recommend her and her services. With respect."

Cameron Tukapua - 5 Elements

"As a small business in the outdoor adventure industry needing to make a major change-over in my website, I found that working with Sandra fit the bill perfectly for me. Not only was the design creative, attractive and professional looking, but just as important, the personal attention was very reassuring and Sandra was very easy (and fun) to work with. This was the combination I needed to procede with confidence. In the three years since, the after service has been great, and I give a very high recommendation."

Mark Hutson - New Zealand Sea Kayak Adventures

"Great support, great design, great service!"

Laurens and Carla Baardewijk - Re-Balance

"One Word: BRILLIANT!!!!!"

Judy Ledward - Waimanu Lodge

"Sandra provided excellent service with the design proces of our annual report. She was very patient and professional and took the time to really understand what our organisation was about. Sandra’s turnaround time was excellent and we most certainly look forward to working with her again in the near future."

Donna Hutchinson - Silky Oaks Children’s Haven

"... She is one of the most talented designers I have ever worked with and her exceptional design flair is matched by an equally strong technical competency. Her attention to detail and understanding of the different media and file formats makes her extremely versatile and ensures a quality result.

She works efficiently returning the material on time and budget and her Photoshop skills are phenomenal.

Just as important as her many skills is her ability to remain calm under pressure and her pragmatic attitude to client changes… she works hard to ensure that my clients and I are happy with the final design"

Debbie Ryder - Mad Ideas

"Your way of listening to people, feeling what they want and in which atmosphere is really great! You have designed the perfect brochure and business cards for us, they express our ideas and feelings."

Claire Forrest-Chambers and Betty Ras - Natural Birth

"A Picture is worth a Thousand Words” is definitely true of Sandra’s photography. She is a perfectionist, and will settle for nothing less. The pictures on our website exceeded our wildest expectations, and every guest we have accommodated has complimented us on our brilliant website."

Max Daillecourt - Hawkings Lodge


Whether you need a eye catching new logo, or a complete website, I can help you to get noticed and look professional!

Graphic Design

From business card to 48 page brochure, we got you covered. We have lots of experience with printers and sign writers so we can organise the whole process to make sure the quality is optimal.


Your business needs a website! Although social and other media are getting more and more important too, it is still essential to have a professional and informative web presence. It can be small and easy to manage or a sophisticated as you like.


A cliche but still: 'an image says more than a thousand words'. The right images (you'll be amazed at what photography and Photoshop can do!) can take your business to the next level!

Graphic Design


Click below for some live examples of websites we have designed and built.


If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss a project you have in mind, don't hesitate to flick me an email. I look forward to hear from you!


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